If mowing the lawn is your dreaded Saturday chore, you’ve come to the right place. From aeration to top dressing and everything in between, Blooming Gardens is your one stop shop for residential lawn care.

Taking care of your lawn is about more than taking the mower out of the garage once a week. To have an immaculate lawn that you can be proud of (and neighbors may yearn for) it can take hours of careful time, research, and planning. Most of us are not experts in edging, weeding, pruning, and fertilizing. Blooming Gardens takes all the guess work out and guarantees a beautiful lawn. Yellow spots? No problem. Poa problems? We’ll take care of it. And best of all, you get your weekends back.

Now you can finally enjoy the big game, tackle home projects, take time for your family, or go on a weekend getaway without worrying about who is going to take care of the lawn while you’re gone. We’ve got you covered.

Landscaping correctly keeps your Louisville KY yard in great shape

What is Residential Lawn Care?

Professional lawn care brings consistency, skill, and beauty to your home through a once-weekly visit. We provide basic maintenance like aeration, mowing, edging, and fertilizing as well as diagnostic information for common pests, damaged lawns, or problems with shrubs, bushes, and flowers. Regular maintenance provides service to your home to take care of the lawn and flower beds. We provide all of our own equipment and supplies so all you have to do is enjoy your beautiful space.

What are the benefits?

Your home and your property are one entity, and they should be cared for equally. A professional lawn care company ensures that the outside of your home is just as beautiful as the inside. Hiring residential services for your lawn has several benefits including time, expertise, cost, and safety.

Time: Perhaps the biggest benefit to residential lawn care is time. Consider the time it takes to research basic lawn needs, then the time to drive to a store or two to find the right equipment, fertilizer, seed, and essential lawn supplies. Finally, you have a weekly time commitment of mowing, weeding, pruning, and maintaining your lawn. Sound exhausting? The benefit of home lawn care is that we take care of everything for you. We bring our own supplies and our own equipment. We diagnose, treat, and maintain your lawn to perfection.

Expertise: Who would you rather trust – WebMD or your own personal doctor? A lot of people can research lawn care on the internet, but only one company gives you the personal attention backed up by decades of experience caring for Louisville lawns. People hire experts because of their knowledge in a certain area. We give you outstanding results because we have the expertise it takes to deliver.

Cost: The cost of a lawn mower, trimmer, blower, hand tools, fertilizer, mulch, and supplies can quickly add up. Not to mention replacing tools when they break, and annual equipment services. With a professional lawn care company at your home, you don’t have to purchase or maintain any of your own equipment. In addition, we use professional grade equipment and supplies that are impossible for the average home owner to justify purchasing.

Safety: Keeping and storing fertilizer, pesticides, and other chemicals poses a risk to children and pets. When used incorrectly, they can also have dangerous effects on the environment. We use great care in deciding when and why to use chemicals, and are licensed, insured, and trained to ensure you, your family, and the environment stays safe all year long.

Do you really need it?
Some people enjoy working in their lawn and find great pride in manual physical labor, creating a pristine landscape, and being outside. If you’d rather save yourself the time, money, and stress involved in yard work, hiring a lawn care company might be the best choice for you.

Choosing the Best Lawn Care Company for You
We work hard to create relationships with the clients we service. We understand you have lots of choices for Louisville lawn care, but we want to be your first choice. Choosing the right lawn care services includes 5 critical steps:

Decide what you want from the service. Some companies offer certain services, others may not. At Blooming Gardens, each residential lawn care package includes mowing, fertilizing, mulch, weeding, irrigation service, and twice yearly aeration. We charge a flat rate and provide services based on what your lawn needs without any extra costs or hidden fees.

Talk to your neighbors. Some of our best clients have become our closest friends. We work hard to create a network of loyalty and a reputation for professional work you can be proud of.

Look for a contract. We don’t require any type of yearly service contract. We are so confident in our services that we know you will be satisfied without locking you in by signing a contract.

Take advantage of free consultations. We offer free consultations with one of our licensed, professional specialists to come to your home, inspect your lawn, soil, and shrubbery to determine what services are recommended for your area. If you’re looking to upgrade your landscape, we can help with that too.

Ask questions. We want to be sure that you understand exactly what services you are getting and what work is proposed before we start. We give you all of the essential information on treatments, chemicals, pesticides, or mulch we will be using so you know exactly what is going into your lawn. All services are approved by you before they are performed.

At Blooming Gardens, we back up every service performed. If you are unhappy with the service, or your lawn is not responding as hoped, we will come back, fix the problem, and make it right at no extra charge. We guarantee an impeccable lawn that you won’t find at any other house in your neighborhood.

Give us a call and see what a difference we can make with professional residential lawn care from Blooming Gardens. Schedule a free consultation today!

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