Landscape lighting is all about putting your property in the best light when the sun goes down. If you put in the work and effort it takes to create a beautiful property, don’t let it disappear after dark. When landscape lighting is installed effectively, it can give your property a completely breathtaking night time display by making the most of what you’ve got.

How Does Landscape Lighting Work?

Outdoor lighting relies on the same power that fuels your indoor lighting. Through the use of a step-down transformer, the power from the home is reduced to one-tenth of the power. Landscape lighting uses low voltage because it is safer to work with and cheaper to install. When you’re not trying to light up an entire room, you don’t need a full 120-volt system. Because landscape lighting uses a low-voltage system, placement is key and must be done by a professional. Under lit trees, accent light, fixture housing, and specific bulbs allow you to make the most of your lighting system without overloading the circuit and increasing your power bills.

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You may be able to install a simple lighting fixture yourself, but to ensure you get the most out of your space and create stunning effects without skyrocketing power bills, use a professional landscape lighting company who is familiar with fixtures and arrangement.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting
Whether you’re spending time outdoors, or just driving home after work, your home should rise up to meet you. In addition to the beauty of outdoor lighting, functional lights add safety, value, and comfort in and around your home.

Safety – A well-lit landscape gives your home a feeling of security and maintenance. A yard that is lit up at night discourages trespassers and thieves. Lights with motions detectors can illuminate areas if someone is on your property after dark to keep family and friends safe and deter criminals.

Value – Curb appeal is not just for business hours. Beautiful lighting gives a good impression to the entire neighborhood and makes your home appear warmer and more inviting as opposed to a dark, drab exterior.

Comfort – Outdoor lighting can extend your living areas by providing comfortable outdoor spaces for entertaining. A combination of uplights, as well as structural lighting, gives the perfect amount of illumination to enjoy the outdoors all night long.

Types of Landscape Lighting
Making the most of your landscape lighting depends on what your landscape looks like and what features are involved.

Trees: Misplaced tree lights can look like a hovering UFO. Our company’s professionals avoid this by ensuring that the trunk, as well as the foliage, is bathed in light by installing lighting from both the top and the bottom.

Planting Beds: Garden beds look beautiful with lighting overhead to guide your eye across the bed, without overdoing it.

Home Face: The face of the home should be illuminated with the correct fixture and angle to accent architectural details and light up key areas to help prevent robbery.

Garden Walls: Professionally placed lighting can bring texture out and accent property lines along garden walls.

Focal Points: If you have a flowing water feature, charming tree swing, or beautiful arbor area, lighting can enhance these areas, as well.

From safety to celebrations, outdoor lighting creates a warm environment, enhances the beauty of your space, and gives your family additional security throughout the night. Give us a call to see how our company can help you to enhance your home after dark.

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