Everyone wants their business to be successful. Creating an appealing storefront or office property says a lot about the type of people and level of product or services you are offering. Commercial landscaping creates a professional exterior to your property, but our company services are about more than just looking pretty.

What is Commercial Landscaping?
Whether you are starting with brand new property in the middle of construction or you’re simply tired of mowing the lawn and plowing the snow yourself, we can help. We provide everything you need from landscape design to year-round maintenance for your property.

Landscape Management: Our basic landscape management services includes everything you need to maintain a beautiful property on a regular basis such as mowing, fertilizing, tree and shrubbery maintenance, pruning, aeration, etc.

Keep the lawn outside your Louisville KY business looking great

Irrigation: Wasting water on superfluous watering can cause major expenses for a small business. We make sure your irrigation system is efficient and running as it should to water adequately without going to waste.

Landscape Construction: We are fully equipped to handle any type of landscaping construction, from a new install, complete overhaul, or installation of trails, sitting areas, or concrete. As landscaping contractors, we own all of our own equipment and have the staff with the expertise to handle any project without needing independent contractors.

Snow and Ice Management: We don’t stop when Jack Frost arrives. All year long, you can count on us to maintain your property to keep it safe and beautiful.

What are the Benefits?
Commercial lawn care services can actually boost business and sends a message to customers and clients that you care about the details and the same level of care will be given to them. Professional landscape maintenance can also boost productivity and increase the value of your business.

Draw in Customers: A beautiful landscape can be viewed from a driver on the highway or a passerby walking through town. Professional design services can create a welcoming environment that engages your customers and draws them in to your store. It also shows your customers you care about the environment and are successful. Successful businesses take the time to focus on the little things. Businesses that are failing are too busy trying to stay out of the red to worry about planning trees and pruning roses.

Crime Reduction: Statistics show that areas that maintain a professional image are less likely to be vandalized than those who do not. Lower crime rates add to the sense of community that is trusting, friendly, and comfortable which increase sales and productivity.

Market Price: Curb appeal plays a major role in market value of your business property. A commercial landscaping service ensures that your property value is maintained and possibly increased by potential buyers who are more attracted to places that have been well-kept.

Aesthetics: Most books are judged by the cover, and most customers form an opinion before they walk into the door of your business. An attractive exterior makes your business more likely to attract new clients and keep existing ones.

As a leader in the industry, our company cares about our customers and the environment. It is our responsibility to care and preserve our natural resources. Give us a call today to see what a difference we can make for your business property.

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